Why Dar El Tarbiah?


  • Our school, which includes students, parents& staff, all has the best interests of the children at heart.
  • Our school is continually evolving as an innovative, responsive and positive learning environment with school led developments such as science and extra sporting and arts activities are evidence of this.
  • Through the support and efforts of all involved with our School we work hard to maintain a very positive learning environment for our students. The supportive nature of our school, as well as the careful planning of facilities such as our new hall and technology area ensures that we are all ’working together to be the best that we can be.
  • Align standards and assessments with the knowledge and skills required beyond high school.
  • Require all high school students to take challenging courses that actually prepare them for life after high school.
  • Build college and work-ready measures into statewide accountability systems.
  • Hold schools accountable for graduating students who are college and/or workforce ready, and hold post secondary accountable for students’ success once enrolled.
  • American High School & ICCSE Diplomas are fully recognized by the Egyptian Ministry of Education.