Welcome word

Dr. Nawal El DegwiOur mission for more than half a century has been in progress, from the first Egyptian language school, to the I.G.C.S.E. and American Diploma crowning it all with the prestigious MSA University.

With a long record of distinction and achievements that have been recognized internationally.

We   have set a benchmark for distinguished education in Egypt throughout the years.

In our academic institutions, it is evident that the system of education we foster and implement aims to discover and develop the skills and talents of our students. This in return will lead to strong challenging characters capable of succeeding in today’s highly competitive world.  We do this with the full awareness and conscientiousness wrapped in love and a deep faith in our sacred task of teaching. This shows clearly in the different scientific, social and artistic events, where our students participate with a high level of distinction.

We truly believe in our mission. Hence our highly qualified personnel are guided all the way by strong faith and high principles, which reflect on a long heritage of successes and achievements. We are always open to intercultural learning, nevertheless maintaining and cherishing our own identity.

Nothing in the whole world would make me as happy as I feel when I see the seeds sprouting…and the plants flourishing… for the goodness of everybody all around…This is what I may call” The Good Harvest!”

Professor Doctor
Nawal El Degwi.